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Miller Lane Mercantile was born out of the idea of sharing “simple goods for slow living.” We feel strongly that the days are endlessly more enjoyable when you make thoughtful choices about the things you surround yourself with. Combining beauty with practicality, the product assortment at Miller Lane Mercantile includes kitchenware, ceramics, gourmet food provisions, home decor, women's accessories, stationery, and more. We hope this collection of homewares promotes frequent gathering, joyful living, and a deep appreciation for the little things in life.



A small business enthusiast through and through, Calli Nicoletti’s passion for brick and mortar business began when she started working at a local surf shop in her hometown of East Hampton, New York at the age of 14. Continuing to work in high end, independent boutiques throughout high school and university, it was there that she developed a keen eye for curation and branding which lead her to work in marketing for 6+ years before opening Miller Lane Mercantile. Calli has had the opportunity to work in-house with reputable brands in the fashion, beauty, photography, and culinary arts industries, including an early summer at Bon Appétit Magazine. A true New Yorker with a warm yet refined style, Calli draws inspiration from classic Northeast shops and markets, and hopes to bring a fresh take on homewares to the Denver community.